What is 5G? The Things that you need to know about this new Technology

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        What is 5G? How does it work?

You all have heard of 3G, 4G, and 5G in mobile networks. The 5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile connectivity and how it is going to change the internet connectivity. This is the next generation of network connectivity, offering higher speeds and efficient connections on different devices.
This new technology is going to offer connections which are way faster than current 4G technology, with average download speeds of around 1GBps. This lightning fast 5G technology will bring much faster-networking speed which will improve video chat, downloading speed, and will improve the battery life of smartphones with lower latency.
The technology will give a boost to the Internet of Things(IoT), providing the infrastructure to carry huge data faster, allowing a faster connection and smarter world.
These networks are expected to launch worldwide by 2020 with amazing speed, working alongside with 3G and 5G technology to provide a speedier connection which can be connected anywhere you are.

Things to know about 5G

1. It's really fast

This sound obvious, but it's important to know how much fast is 5G is compared to current 4G LTE speeds. 5G will be many times faster than current 4G and 3G but will be significantly faster than your broadband services.

2.  5G is just not about speed

Yes, 5G will provide blazing fast data connection speeds, but it will also bring much higher capacity to mobile networks. It will support many more data connections.

3. 5G isn't just for phones

It will have huge implications for just about every connected device. It will be essential for self-driving cars, virtual reality, PCs, and smart home device. Even day-to-day tasks like initiating video call could drastically change. 


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