5 ways to Superchange your Netflix Experience

Tired of scrolling down in Netflix to find something relevant to watch or which interests us. There are tons of shows and movies available on Netflix, which can consume a lot of our time finding something to watch.

But you don't have to fear! You too can optimize your Netflix viewing experience through these five tips that I am going to Mention.

  1. Plug in some browser plugins 
If you are watching Netflix on the computer, then you can install some browser plugins which can help you to change your experience. In the Google web Chrome store, there are some plugins which can import custom subtitles and variously crank up the playback speed. These are some of the extensions that will make Netflix smarter and prettier.

  • FlixPlus by LifeHacker: This plugin will allow you to view the movie/show's before you watch the original content. It allows you to see ratings from different critics sites.
  • FindFlix: This extension helps you to search the Netflix contents smartly. You can search content with the age group between 0-2 years old and movies based on children's books.
  • Showgoers: The extension lets you synchronize your streams with people online.
  • SuperNetflix
  • Video adjust for Netflix 
  • Netflix Profanity Filter  
  • Netflix Player Control 

    2. Rate Everything
Rating something that you have watched on Netflix will make your experience somewhat better.
The titles that you have watched before coming to Netflix, take a moment to rate it, whether you plan to watch it again or not. Netflix gathers data about you and shows you results according to your watch history.

    3. Delete watch history that you didn't like
Removing something that you did not like on Netflix from your watch history can make your experience great. Netflix gives recommendations based on your watch history. So it is better to remove something that you don't like.

    4. Add movies to your list
Netflix has an option in which you can add items that you like to watch in the coming days. This interesting feature is of great use if you want to watch something to your likings.

    5. Use Dedicated profiles
This is one of the best features that Netflix has added multiple profiles. If you don't let anyone else use your account, then this feature will help you to separate profiles to categorize the shows and movies you watch.


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