6 Best Torrent Search Engines Sites | 2018 Edition

You all have heard about torrent websites, torrent files and many other terms related to torrent. People heard the torrent search engines when the FBI nabbed the operators of KAT. It was then when many you realized that torrents websites were illegal and you should not download from torrent.

Many torrents sites have started calling them a torrent search engine for torrents because of the torrent are under strict observation. These torrent search engines don't host any torrent files but they provide a way for the users to find torrents on the other torrent sites.

 Free Torrent Search Engines For 2018

  1. Torrents.me

This torrent search engine is very different from any other torrent related sites. The homepage displays search trends for popular queries and it features extensive lists of torrents.

By scrolling down you can find different categories of torrent sites. 

       2. Toorgle 

Google inspired Toorgle is another search engine that will provide with the best torrent files.
It features torrent bar\on its homepage.

It looks outdated, but this makes torrent search engine lightweight and capable of loading on slower connection faster. It searches through 450 different torrent sites to find what you want.


This is another torrent search engine which provides you with over 61 million torrents sourced from the 90+ torrent site on the internet. It is also available in onion version for users who want to access it over Tor.

      4. TorrentSeeker 

It uses custom Googe Search to scrape torrents form over 100 torrent sites. The interface of this torrent search engines is easy to use which make the torrent search process easier than ever.

      5. Xtorx 

It is also a torrent search which provides you with torrents sites and files. 

     6. Veoble

The black theme on this torrent search engine looks amazing and it provides the best torrent search engine sites. It also uses custom Google Search to find torrent files.


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