Google Maps Isn't Flat Anymore

Google maps are the most widely used online mapping service on the globe. Since it's launch it has kept on improvising, adding new features and updates. Google maps are used all around the world and it provides the most accurate location and landmarks.

Google Maps is no longer shows two dimensions. Instead, it shows the earth as a globe rather than a flat projection as before. You will not notice it when you open the maps first but if you zoom out far enough, you'll eventually get a moon's-eye view of our world. This means you'll see the world in a more realistic way. And if you notice Greenland's projection is no longer the size of Africa.
you can manipulate the globe as you please. You can spin it, zoom it, etc. It now gives more of a natural feel. You may have seen an earth globe in the school and that looked more convenient and gave a more of a realistic projection.

As previously announced in an official tweet by google maps, Google Maps now shows the earth as a globe instead of a flat "Mercator" projection as before.

Previously as the google stated the fact that it's impossible to represent the true area of different regions on the planet using flat projections. Google has always kept its Maps up to date. Mercator projection, Which is a commonly used means of projection, enlarges those regions that are farther from the equator instead of showing the correct shape of the countries. As a result, some of the countries look way bigger than it normally should. For example, Greenland looks the size of Africa, when it's much smaller in size. But with the new globe mode, this problem should no longer exist.

The newly announced globe mode is only available on the desktop and it will take some time before it comes to mobile phones. The new map feature relies on the WebGL, since this feature is available on all the major browsers, including the chrome, Firefox, and edge.


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