How to Create a Bootable USB Drive 100% Working [Mac or Windows]

There are many Methods of creating a USB Bootable but i will tell you the 2 methods which are working on each and every version of windows or mac. Also these two methods are compatible with mostly all windows version.


Create a bootable USB drive with Rufus
Now lets create a bootable USB drive with rufus, shall we? Follow the Steps:

  1. Rufus requires an account with admin access to work fully, so make sure log in with administrator account. After successful login, insert USB drive and launch Rufus.
  2. Rufus will automatically detect your USB Drive quickly. Then Click on the Optical drive button next to the create bootable disk using Checkbox, you will be prompted to locate the iso image that you want to burn in USB drive.
  3. When using ISO Images, Rufus will automatically detect the best settings and then Click on start button. You will be prompted that all the data on the selected drive will be erased. Click ok to start the process.
  4. Once the process started, it will take several minutes to make your USB drive bootable, it depends on the size of ISO Image.
  5. At Last when process completed, verify manually that the files are copied to USB Drive or not.
  6. It's Ready to use , reboot your system, change boot priorty to USB Drive and that's all.

Rufus Requirements:-
  • Mac (or PC) running Windows XP or later
  • Rufus Spftware
  • ISO (supported operating systems)
  • 4 GB USB flash drive (minimum)
  • 8 GB USB flash drive( Recommend for ISO Images of Windows 8,10)
Create Bootable USB drive without any application(Diskpart)
  1. Insert USB flash drive into a running computer.
  2. Open Command prompt from start and run as administrator.
  3. At the Command Prompt,type diskpart and click Enter.
  4. Then type select disk and click enter. All the disk on the screen will be displayed.
  5. Note the drive number or letter as shown in image below.
  6. After that, type select disk <x>, where x is the drive letter or number of USB flash drive and click enter.
  7. Now type clean and click enter. This will delete all data on the USB flash drive.
  8. To create a new primary partition on the USB flash drive, type create part pri, and then click enter.
  9. To select the partition that you just created, type select part 1, and then click enter.
  10. To format the partition, type format fs=fat32 quick , and then click enter.

    [ Important: Please note that if your server platform does not support UEFI, then you should format your USB flash drive using ntfs rather than fat32. Type like this format fs=ntfs quick.]
  1. Type active, and click enter.
  2. Type exit and click enter.
  3. When you finish preparing your custom image, save it to the root of the USB flash drive.
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