Top Features of Android Pie: What's new in the Latest Version of Android?

The most awaited Android version of this year is now out with some cool features and AI-based functions. The new Android version 9.0 is not a mystery anymore, it's time to see some exciting features with the Android Pie. Google is focused on making our digital life easier and organized with the new Android version Pie. Its first update came on Google devices such as pixel and pixel 2 XL. It will be available for other Android devices soon.

The new era of AI features will be used in the devices to adopt the habits of the user through machine learning which will make the device more smarter according to our needs. It has gone under major changes to give you features to curb your phone usage.

Top 10 features of Android Pie

  1. Gesture Navigation 

The navigation feature has been redesigned by Google to move through the OS swiftly. The navigation features are similar to the iPhone X.

The new navigation does not have the three navigation buttons but a single home button that allows you to swipe up to view recent apps along with the UI that suggest the apps you might use. Swiping left and right will allow you to move through different apps quickly.

    2. App Timer 

The app timer feature lets you put time limits on the use of apps that you use for extended time on your phone.
When you will reach your time limit on the app, a notification will pop out warning you to close the app and the app pauses. This new feature manages your time better and improves productivity.

    3. Do Not Disturb

Now you can meet your family and attend a meeting with more concentration using this new feature that will silence all the notifications. The Do Not Disturb mode not only silences the phone calls and notifications but also visual notifications that pop up on your screen.
There is another feature 'Shush' which makes easier to distance yourself from calls and notifications.
This feature is activated when you keep your phone's face down in Do Not Disturb mode. 

    4. Dashboard

Now you track your time and data spent on different apps through this feature which will help you keep track of your time. 
 The dashboard feature breaks down the data and time spent on each app on a pie chart. These are the following features:
  • The pie chart to show the time spent on each app per day
  • The total hours spent on the device each day
  • The total number of notification received
  • No of times you have unlocked your device 

   5. Notch Support 

The trend in the new smartphones is of the notch whether you like it or not. Through this feature, you can hide the notch if you don't like it.

First, you will need to enable developer options then go to Developer options>Drawing>Simulate a display with a cutout. Now you finally need to choose the cutout size. 

   6. Lockdown Mode

This latest feature is included in the power menu of the phone. This feature will add more security to your phone by disabling fingerprint scanner when you are asleep. By enabling this option you can sleep without worrying about your smartphone security.

You can enable fingerprint scanner option by inserting your pin, password or unlock pattern on your phone.

    7. Auto-Rotate Button

Auto-rotation now becomes easier with an auto-rotate button which appears on the navigation bar. It appears on your phone when your phone is rotated to an orientation it's not currently locked to.

By tapping on this button your phone will be locked to landscape until you are using that app.

  8. New Media Panel

The new media buttons will be vertical and shifted to the right of the screen. 

There are more features that come with the new media panel.

    9. 157 New Emojis

Android pie comes with 157 new emojis to make your chatting experience cooler and realistic.

The new 157 emojis comes with a cold face, hot face, mango, and many more emojis.

     10. Pair Up To 5 Bluetooth Devices

Now you can pair 5 bluetooth devices on your phone.


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