Unbox Therapy - Where products get naked

Unbox Therapy is a popular YouTube channel known for unboxing of various tech gadgets. He usually unboxes different types of tech gadgets gives a short introduction to the product. The videos on the unbox therapy channel give you an overview of the product and details. Most of his videos are about unboxing of Smartphone’s and reviewing them.

Lewis George Hilsenteger is the name of the youtuber who runs his channel Unbox Therapy with overwhelming success. His way of unboxing things is quite an enjoyable experience making him the best you tuber for unboxing different kinds of stuff in a unique way. At present, he has more than 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel Unbox Therapy.
Lewis accidentally joined YouTube in 2010 to make people more aware of products in general. As he was a tech geek already so he took a shot to open items live and for the first time in front of the camera. He continues to follow his passion to this day and you will regularly find him reviewing different kinds of products. He has made more than 1400 videos and almost 2.2 billion views on YouTube. His channel became successful after he uploaded an iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test video on YouTube. This video is his most successful one to this day.
Through his channel, Lewis got millions of followers on different social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. He started his channel with the intention of helping his customers and talking about the gadgets he was interested in any way. He makes his videos somehow interesting by giving his actual thought about the product rather making up something. He gives interesting captions to his videos which makes viewers click on his video. Recently he announced his biggest giveaway in which he gave away 106 OnePlus 6 Smartphone’s. This giveaway was to celebrate on reaching 10 million subscribers on his channel.

If you haven’t checked out his channel then I would suggest you check out his videos.


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