What is x32bit and x64 bit? What Does it Actually Means?

Till Now you have no idea about what is 32 bit or 64 bit.So you land on this website, I will tell you the difference in step by step manner.
First of all,

What is x32 and x64?
  • 32 bit simply means that the size of one insruction is equal to 32 bit long.
  • 64 bit means that the size of one insruction is equal to 64 bit long.

Now What does this Instruction means?

Instruction is nothing but a single operation performed and its a combination of operand and opcode.Opcode tells what operation you have to perform like add 2 numbers and operands are the numbers that are used like a,b.

Now where the size matter?

If the instruction is bigger , more will be the size of opcode and operand means in a single operation(it means one instruction) we can perform more tasks in 64bit than in 32bit. For example in x32bit , one instruction size is 32bit and we need to execute 2 instructions(i.e 64 bit) that means 2 operations(opcode + operand) takes 2s to do this operation. Whereas in x64 bit it takes 1s to execute 2 instructions of 32 bit as its size of one instruction is 64bit.

So Which is Better?

Obviously 64bit as it will be to use your computer hardware 100% as compared to 32 bit.

  • Now Mostly all processors come with 64 bit and to use it fully we need to install a 64 bit operating system. 
  • A 32 bit operating system can be installed on 64 bit system as well 64 bit operating system but on 32 bit processor , we cant install 64 bit operating system.
  • If we install 32 bit operating system on a 64 bit processor , it wont use it completety, so better to be use 64 bit operating system.
  • 32 bit programs can be installed on 64 bit machine(Not all), some are specifically designed for 32bit and 16 bit programs cant be use on 64 bit machine.
  • 32bit and 64 bit architecture is same as  32bit and 64 bit processor. Don't get Confused.

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